Tomorrow is a big day, for me. Tomorrow, I will be cutting my hair shorter than it has ever been cut, before. Currently, my hair falls to mid-buttocks. And I intend to cut it above the shoulder. Luckily, I have virgin hair, which means that I can proudly donate the remainder of my truncated tresses to Locks of Love.

This was a difficult decision, for me. The style I would like to have involves 17th-century sausage curls and a modern asymmetrical bang. The problem with that decision is that it is so spectacular a haircut that pulling it off would require serious makeup, every single day, to keep my eyes wide, bright, and otherwise commanding. As you can see, it is also necessary to keep a bona fide historical look from seeming . . . well, dated. . . .

But here I sit, at the one end of my makeover, with very little makeup, equipment, or experience. So, sorry, hair! Not gonna happen. Eventually, I’ll earn my right to keep you kempt. But in the mean time, I shall take on a more modern approach to curly hair — the latest realm of studied neglegée.

This is an awesome hairstyle to land a job in. It’s a beautiful bob, and my hair has the right sort of wavy texture to pull it off without much of a fuss. My hair is, of course, much thicker than that of the women pictured here (what with blondes tending to have higher hair density, my not putting harsh chemicals on my hair, and a strong splash of genetics, in my favor). The women pictured with bobs here are clearly much older than I am, but I think my round cheeks and open face will complement the style and keep it from looking ‘too old’ for me.

The pictures on the lower left corner of this inspiration board show how I want to wear my hair, as it is growing out. I like the movement of the hair about the face and the playful way it frames the face. Her name is Aly, apparently. My sister (the modern one) referred her to me, as she is one of very few celebrities whose face has similar features to mine. By using the updo, I can retain a level of continuity while I practice my makeup skills — at least until my hair is long enough for me to pull off the hairstyle I love above all others:

So long, sausage-locks! But then, I shall see you in a year or so, ma chère.


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