Before vs. After

It’s been a while, and I must apologise, despite my current lack of audience. These pictures were taken a week ago, on the day I cut my hair. I am not able to tend to it so carefully, as it dries, as the woman at the salon, so it tends to hang a little longer, now, with looser curls — which, seeing as I am only just now learning how to dry my hair for optimal curl, is not so very bad, in my opinion. I especially like it worn a little messy with clean, crisp clothes for contrast.

One unexpected bonus is that, unlike my earlier attempt at shoulder-length hair, this look has almost zero maintenance. I do not have brush my hair or anything. I just use a little curl activator, after showering, and scrunch it up, as it dries. My normally floofy hair is happy to remain within its curls. When I wake up in the morning, I merely play with the part to balance the volume on each side of my head. It is already ready to go!

But the best part of this new ‘do is (not surprisingly) the silhouette it creates. Everyone who sees me has been telling me how tall I look. My hair, as long as it was before, tended to dwarf my head, whereas these short curls open up my face and draw attention to the length of my neck because of the gap between the curve of my bob and the curve of my shoulders. And with all that weight off my shoulders (literally) my neck is even learning to to stand a little taller than before.

Post scriptum. I’ll be adding ‘before’ shots to this post, just as soon as I can scavenge them from the other camera.


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