Welcome to Ragtime Doll, where fashion lies beyond the box. I begin this blog as a soon-to-be graduate student of twenty-three years, in search of new beginnings. I am engaged to the best man in the world for me, but we won’t be marrying until we can afford a house, together. This blog documents the professional and personal image I intend to bring to the fore as I enter the wider world.

The most important aspect of the makeover I am presenting here is that it is not in any way conformist. Indeed, by some measures (such as the implementation of corsets) it is all the more unique or unusual. But what it does try to do is actively craft a public image that presents me (that’s the real me) at my very best and highest form of self-expression. This expression is a gentle suggestion or persuasion, intended to pique the interest and display unique aesthetic sensibilities in a way that defies placement, that compels the viewer to get to know the fashionista better.

You will find many concrete examples, sketches, and demonstrations in these pages. What you must remember, however, is that this is not a mere documentary of a single person’s single makeover. This is an exploration of philosophical precepts and psychosocial implications that guide and shape such transformations.

It is my dearest wish that this work will prove useful, informative, or at least interesting to those like me who seek that tenuous balance between personality and professionalism, selfhood and sociality, elegance and eccentricity. I am interested in learning anything I can do to bring a higher degree of relevance to you my audience, and I thank you for your continued interest.

— Banyanbabe


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