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Shellean Ragtime

This blog originates at a very particular turning point in my life. At age twenty-two, I am a recent college graduate facing formal employment for the first time in my life! After seven-and-half gruelling years of year-round schooling (I first entered college at the ripe old age of 15) and a cum laude degree with departmental honors in the Comparative History of Ideas (plus minors in Sanskrit and Anthropology), I know myself to be ready for the marketplace of ideas. But it takes more than mere intellect, raw talent, and a vice-like grip on the English language to represent oneself for hire — especially in today’s brutal economy. One need also look one’s personal and professional best.

I am not, as the Kinks might say, a ‘dedicated follower of fashion’. I do not draw; I do not design. So consider this the personal exploration of the burgeoning wardrobe collections of an unconventional woman only just now reaching for the fullest and most adult expressions of her fashion sensibilities. The sketches will be crude and the photos amateur — but the concepts will be solid and all intentions pure.

Your feedback and constructive criticism are of course most welcome!