Lyne A


Elegant Hotweather Formalwear

A light, airy, yet ornate formalwear collection, Anthemia’s one-piece dresses, with their long flowing skirts and sleek fitted bodices are best suited to warmer, summer weather. The beauty of this collection lies mostly in the billowing movement and quality fabric of the skirt, but this is accentuated by the ornate detailing of the more variable corsage. The obi-like sash may carry the emphasis, if the corsage is a simple cut or continuation of the dress itself; else wise, the construction of the corsage itself should be unique enough to carry the eye upward, the focal point in an ethereal cloud of fabric.

Because it is so light, and because the corsage itself is often so ornate, this collection eschews most jewelry, requiring only the “built in” detailing of the dress itself. The only added ornamentation might be a smooth, delicate piece the feet or wrists.



Spiffy Coolweather Formalwear

The Miranda, with her carefully structured, almost bustled skirts and lacy streamlined collared and cuffed blouse-like corsages, comes across as crisp, tidy, and very sophisticated, but with a small-town, country twist. All eggshell whites, blacks, indigos, and tartans, this collection is singular in that its eccentric boldness turns what is ultimately a fairly conservative gown into a provocative statement piece.

The Miranda is best paired with simple, bold, organic jewelry (woods, seeds leathers) and quality dancing heels or flat sandals.



Spiffy Coolweather Everydaywear

This is a pragmatic, hardy, and versatile collection with a malleable, timeless aesthetic. Siobhann features long (tea length, plus) structured skirts or wide-leg trousers that have a lot of presence. The tops, with this silhouette, should be smooth but very fitted, drawing attention to the underlying figure. Ideal collars for sleeveless tops include turtleneck, nehru, ring, or halter necklines. Longsleeve tops should either maintain high modest necklines or deep, wide, swooping necklines — vee, sweetheart, &c. — that stop short of showing any cleavage. Because the visual weight is in the skirt, detailing should be located in the construction of the top or built in or added ornamentation, adding texture and interest and drawing the eye up from the skirt.

Being exceptionally easy to mix-and-match, this collection has a certain inherent versatility that makes it extremely useful in a wide variety of situations. However, being made from such sturdy materials, Siobhann may be especially well-suited to chilly weather.


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